As well as caring for our own patients, we provide research and teaching for the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt, where Dr Mutschler’s work on regenerative mitochondrial medicine and ‘cellsymbiosis therapy’ continues to advance.


Dr. Rainer MutschlerDr. med. Rainer Mutschler M.A. – Founding director of BioMedical Centers Specialist in general medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, manual medicine, aviation medicine, sports medicine, holostic cardiology and acupuncture. Also President of the International Society for Regenerative Mitochondrial Medicine, lecturing in regenerative medicine and cell symbiosis mitochondria® therapy. Approved NLP trainer and coach, clinical hypnotherapist and hypnosystemic therapist.

Dr. Erich VlasicDr. med. Erich Vlasic
Internal Medicine and holistic cardiology


Dr. Monika KeuserDr. med.dent. Monika Keuser
Biological Dentist Biological dentist and qualified member of the Society for Holistic Dentistry

Leonie Keller Leonie Keller
Nutritional therapist

Herrman MartinMartin Hermann

Heike Joachim Cantienica InstruktorinHeike Joachim
Back training specialist and cantienica (gold)
instructor Additional qualifications/interesting facts:Since 2011 she is teaching the Cantienica –method with all Cantienica blocks with the main focus on spine. She absolved the following Cantienica Trainings: – Cantienica – pelvic floor training – Cantienica – power programs – Cantienica – Coaching I und II (Embodiment) – Cantienica – back training – Cantienica – GO! – Cantienica – Faceforming – Gold Membership of Quality-Club


Practice management / Reception / Assistens

Roth-300x240Kerstin Roth
Practice Manager and Therapy Assistant
Marianne KippenhanMarianne Kippenhan


Silvia Hautz
Silvia Hautz
Eda Ötztürk
Eda Öztürk
Julia Störtz
Julia Störtz