Unlike conventional medicine, holistic biological medicine assumes that dysfunction of the muscles and skeletal system can create or contribute towards the onset of organic diseases and orthopedic complaints. Our physiotherapy treatment aims to counteract this process – targeting chronic organic diseases by correcting problems in the muscles and the musculoskeletal system.
We offer our patients the following types of physical therapy:

• Osteopathy
• Cantienica-pelvic floor therapy


Osteopathy is a manual therapy treatment primarily concerned with the mobility of the skeleton, joints and muscles. By improving flexibility and movement, treatment can remove blockages, expedite the flow of blood, stimulate the nervous system and ensure metabolic waste products are removed faster through the lymphatic system. All of this combines to improve the flow of energy between the different organs in the body.
Cantienica-pelvic floor therapy

Cantienica-pelvic floor therapy aims to strengthen and improve the elasticity of the pelvic muscles in order to treat a wide variety of organic and orthopedic disorders – from problems with balance to incontinence.
Please note: the methods described here fall within the field of natural medicine and are generally not recognised by practitioners of conventional medicine.