Each body cell needs enough oxygen to stay healthy and fit or to become it again.

Oxyven for more healthOxygen has two substantial tasks: First, a sufficient energy provision of the  body depends on its nutrition. If the body isn’t able to completely metabolize the nutrition, because of a lack of oxygen, the body can then only use a fraction of the energie contained  in it. Second, the amount of available oxygen (oxygen partial pressure) is an important regulator of cells.

Both too little and too much oxygen means negative stress to the cells. If these situation occur frequently, it stimulates adjustment mechanisms of the body. A natural stimulation of this kind is the stay in altitude. IHHT (also called oxygen intervall therapy) exactly uses these body reactions to support health. Varying oxygen supply train the body to use oxygen optimally in future and increase the patient’s general energy level – all body functions benefit from it.

Expiration of an IHHT-treatment

Before an IHHT treatment the patient should not eat at least two hours. For the treatment the patient lay down or sits down in a comfortable position. The patient puts on a breathing mask, which is connected to the IHHT device. About this breathing mask he gets alternated defined amounts of oxygen-enriched air, or air, which has been deprived of some oxygen. After 30 to 60 minutes treatment duration the patient rests for further 30 minutes to support the effect of treatment. To improve performance, it is also possible, that the patient complete under supervision a short physical exercise (ergometer, gymnastics, etc.) during a treatment break.

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