Chelation therapy is used in (heavy) metal detoxification and involves the use of the synthetic amino acid EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid). Together with certain vitamins and minerals, EDTA is administered intravenously as an infusion; it then binds any heavy metals it finds into a fixed ring-like structure, which are later excreted via the kidneys.

Even after the original source of poisoning has been removed, the body may still suffer the effects of its exposure, which means ongoing therapy may be required. To monitor progress, blood tests are taken before and throughout treatment.
Please note: for chelation therapy to be effective it is essential to have a properly functioning renal system.

Additional therapeutic use

Chelation therapy can be helpful when treating a number of conditions that aren’t directly related to heavy metals. Metals within the body can promote the formation of ‘free radicals’, which are known to contribute to a wide variety of symptoms and maladies. By removing the metals, one can target the free radicals.



Please note: this treatment is a form of natural healing, which is not recognised by conventional medical thinking, as formal evidence of its effectiveness has not yet been found.