One could think of mitochondria as the tiny power stations within our cells. They are constantly producing cellular power in the form of energy-containing ATP (adenosine triphosphate), and self-regulating as they do it.
At BMC we believe properly functioning mitochondria are essential to maintaining a healthy balance within the body. We also believe that most chronic diseases occur when this self-regulation or ‘homeostasis’ within the cells becomes unbalanced, as can result from a number of factors including age, genetics and stress. Our observations show that, once cellular energy levels fall below 40% of the norm, the body’s hormones, enzymes, amino acids and immune cells cease to function properly. This means that the organs cannot operate at their optimum levels.


Comprehensive diagnostics

At BMC we examine cellular activity through a thorough laboratory evaluation. We take blood, urine and stool samples and consider both biochemical and biophysical indicators. The information provided by each patient also plays a major role. We invest time in lengthy physical and psychological consultations, which enables us to cross-reference our lab results with physical and mental symptoms. This can enable us to draw decisive conclusions as to whether or not an illness is linked to cellular activity.


How can we influence cellular activity?

  • By spending time with each patient (a luxury unfortunately not afforded by most forms of traditional medicine), we determine which course of treatment will be most appropriate.
  • Sometimes a straightforward medical intervention into the biological cell activity will be sufficient;
  • sometimes it will be necessary to modify behaviour, which can require intensive day-hospital visits or longer periods of treatment.
  • If we can detect any degenerative restrictions on the mitochondrial function (such as autoimmune events, food allergies and heavy metal exposure), we can create a suitable treatment programme of ‘orthomolecular’ treatment to stabilise cellular activity. This will usually involve the use of wholly natural, biological substances and preparations (including vitamins, trace elements and amino acids), which, during an intensive outpatient or day-patient course of treatment, are administered either orally or by infusion.

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Please note that the approaches to treatment mentioned above come from the field of naturopathic alternative medicine, which are not entirely accepted by orthodox medicine, which argues that proof of their efficacy has not yet been fully provided.