psychotherapyThe concept of intensive outpatient therapy refers to the treatment of one patient by several different therapists simultaneously, using interlocking and complementary methods. It is particularly well suited to patients who are short of time and is always tailored to the specific requirements of each individual. Depending on your diagnosis, we may draw on a variety of different therapists, who are qualified in psychotherapy, psychology, behavioural therapy, ‘body therapy’, music therapy, NLP, health coaching and more. Intensive outpatient therapy is best discussed in person.

Psychotherapy at BioMedical Center Speyer

At BioMedical Center a comprehensive treatment naturally includes psychotherapy, if it is desired by the patient. Every human being is a cohesive unity of body and psyche. There are constantly running processes between these two dimensions of life, that influence each other, support or also effect. A physical disease can cause psychological illness – and vice versa- a burned psyche can trigger  or intensify physical discomfort.
There is the possibility to coordinate diagnostics and therapy from the fields of medicine and psychotherapy in the course of therapy. Such a combined therapy is especially recommendable for:

  • patients in difficult phases of life,
  • depression,
  • burnout
  • strong exhaustion

Other symptoms  suggesting psychotherapeutic treatments are:

  • listlessness,
  • lacks of motivation,
  • headache,
  • tensions,
  • backache,
  • sleep disturbance,
  • altered blood pressure,
  • chest tightness,
  • shortness of breath,
  • disturbances in the menstrual cycle (in case of woman),
  • weigth gain or weigth reduction,
  • gastrointestinal problems,
  • food intolerances,
  • sudden deafness,
  • tinnitus and many others.

Expiration of a psychological treatment:

In intensive discussions with the patient, the psychologist at BioMedical Center wins an overall impression of the patient’s problem and makes a holistic diagnosis.
This leads to different treatment options: together with the patient, the psychologist  decides the appropriate therapy.

At BioMedical Center we offer the following psychological therapies:

  • behavioural therapy
  • coaching
  • systemical therapy
  • hypnosis
  • communication seminars