Pain ManagementPains are an indicator as well as an accompanist of diseases. If pains last long and are not adequately treated they can also become an isolated disease. Any pain leads to an impaired general condition or avoidance behaviour, which can bring the entire body system down in disorder. A significant deterioration in the quality of life is always accompanied by pains.

At BioMedical Center Speyer, we focus on pain management as to treat acute pains as best as possible to avoid chronic issues. In addition to a possibly inevitable drug therapy our medical treatments are various holistic methods, which have a positive effect on the sensation of pain, muscle tension, blood circulation and other pain-related body functions.



Our holistic methods of pain management :

  • Physical and manual therapies such as heat and cold therapy,
  • osteopathy
  • massage
  • Laser therapy with a high-power diode laser
  • infrared therapy
  • ultrasound therapy
  • SCENAR therapy
  • acupuncture
  • psychotherapy