Leonie Keller, nutritionists

Our approach to nutritional therapy is based heavily on research into cell symbiosis – following principles of living a balanced, happy life rather than pursuing a frustrating diet. The psychological effect of nutrition can be just as important as the physical.

It has been proven that the wrong diet can trigger certain chronic diseases, albeit mostly subconsciously (as with unknown food intolerances). Foods that are incompatible with an individual’s body can disturb or sometimes even destroy the cells’ mitochondrial function, which can have serious effects on a person’s health.

By recognising key indicators in our diagnostic process (for example, impaired uptake of vital minerals, vitamins and amino acids), we can identify a specific dietary effect within the immune system. The data gained is different for each individual patient, which means we can create a nutrition plan that is unique to them. With this plan in place we can then help patients to understand their own dietary needs and actively support them to integrate new behaviour into their lives. We do this in a variety of ways – from simple education to cooking events!


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