DarmgesundheitThis branch of medicine is based on the observations of the physician and researcher Dr. F. X. Mayr (1875-1965), who discovered, that a special treatment of intestine and stomach can lead to a healthier body. The MAYR medicine includes the treatment of organ stress – long before a possible disease may outbreak.

How the MAYR Medicine functions

For this purpose the diagnosis and treatment is performed by a physician, who is specially trained in the F. X. Mayr- method, and includes particulary the protection oft he gut by an individually tailored diet and the learning oft the good and thorough mastication. Aditional massages, baths, exercise and fresh air help the detoxification of the body. The intestinal cleansing is supported by the regular intake of saline water, even medical treatment supports the restrengthening of the intestine. The abdomen is decongested and a better tension of the intestinal muscles is caused. Through this method of treatment, chronic diseases can be alleviated or healed. Another result of the treatment according to Mayr is the activation of self-regulating forces as prevention against future diseases.

At BioMedical Center Speyer MAYR Medicine and mitochondrial medicine are connected usefully to achieve sustainable health.