The environmental medicine, which deals with the impact of environmental factors on human health is a quite new area of medicine. Regarding environmental medical treatment we at BioMedical Center offer for patients with environmental health impairments and diseases:

  • consulting,
  • investigation,
  • special diagnostics
  • and individual therapies

Everyone is affected by various environmental chemicals which mainly accumulate in adipose tissues such as subcutaneous fat, the bone marrow or the central nervous system in the body. Combined with toxic heavy metals, degradation products of synthetic drugs and the effects of electromagnetic fields, they are significant risk factors for chronic diseases of civilization such as:

  • diabetes mellitus,
  • Alzheimer‘s,
  • Parkinson’s,
  • macular degeneration
  • and especially for the development of cancer.

The increase of these cases of illnesses is mostly conditioned by the body’s load of environmental factors. To reduce the risk of disease, it is important to examine people at risk at an early stage on environmentally toxic loads and apply targeted drainage and detoxification therapies.

At BioMedical Center we carry out environmental diagnostics:

  • biological diagnostics on heavy metals and chemical toxic substances,
  • lymphocyte transformation test
  • blood diagnostics
  • urinanalysis
  • DMSA