BioMedical Center - FrauenheilkundeA holistic approach which is the basis of any therapy at BioMedical Center Speyer also includes the specific questions of gynecology. With the biological gynecology we offer our patients natural alternatives to conventional medicine in this department: gentle therapies for retuning the body is always given a preference – as well as all the possibilities for genuine disease prevention.

The biological gynecology devotes special attention to the causes of imbalances in the hormone system and genitourinary tract. Environmental influences such as chronic poisoning with (heavy-)metals or other toxins are diagnosed and treated with the regenerative mitochondrial medicine.

In addition, an essential field of action in specifically gynecological problems is the pollution with organic matter. Many of the substances are acting like hormones in the body, thus bringing menstruation, sexuality and reproduction from its natural balance. Proper detoxification is also part of the repertoire of biological gynecology treatment as phytotherapeutic and other holistic methods or gifts of nature-identical hormones.

We are especially happy with the possibilities offered by a combination of biological gynecology and regenerative mitochondrial medicine concerning the unfulfilled desire to have children. Furthermore we strike new paths in the prevention of breast cancer. In addition we offer the photodynamic therapy as alternative with a lower amount of side effects to the conventional treatment of cervical cell changes to their pre-cancerous lesions.