Alternative Therapies

fotolia We offer a wide range of alternative therapies. Each patient’s unique course of treatment will involve one or more ofthese services and will be devised specifically for them, based on a lengthy and extremely thorough diagnosis. Unlike most medical centres, where diagnosis is often rapid, we believe in developing an in-depth understanding of how each patient lives his or her life. Only once we know our patients’ lifestyles, habits, diets and medical history will we be in a position to make an educated prognosis and prescribe a suitable treatment.

Services – focuses

The BioMedical Center Speyer is a general medical practice in which conventional medicine is combined with scientifically well-studied alternative therapies and successful methods of empiric treatment. At this point we would like to present our practice areas and some therapies frequently used at BioMedical Center.

Supplementary services

Following our holistic practice aspekt,  therapies supplement our total offer

  • acupuncture
  • anti-inflammatory therapies
  • intermittent hypoxy- hyperoxy therapy (IHHT)
  • laser therapy (intravenous laser blood irridiation)
  • connective tissue massage, foot reflexology, manual lymphdrainage
  • micronutrient therapy
  • neural therapy
  • orthomolecular therapy
  • ozone therapy
  • intravenous oxygen therapy
  • photodynamic therapy
  • phytotherapy
  • rizol-therapy
  • SCENAR-therapy
  • cupping therapy

If, like many of our patients, you feel nobody has taken the time to get to know you properly, call us on the following number or contact us by email:

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