The BioMedical Center is one of Europe’s leading providers of complementary medicine and, in 2009, we were the first medical centre worldwide to be awarded the ‘Salutocert’® seal of approval. Since then we have treated thousands of patients and have become recognized by the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt, where we lecture in complementary medicine, cultural studies and alternative medicine. Dr. Rainer Mutschler, BMC’s Medical Director, has been a certified therapist and speaker on regenerative medicine since 2007 and is recognized as one of the leaders in his field.


Our mission

To assist you through your healing process by dedicating ourselves to all aspects of your physical and mental health, so that you can live a healthy, active and joyful life, free of the load of toxins.

Our vision

To inspire, support and enable people to control and self-determine their own health through natural and holistic means.