Fliegerarzt Dr. Rainer Mutschler

Dr. Rainer Mutschler is registered as an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) for:

  • EASA-Medicals Klasse II
    (european Medicals, bevore JAR-FCL Medicals)
  • FAA-Medicals Klasse I, II und III (US-Medicals)

What you need for the examination:


• Pilots must bring their flying licence, last medical certificate and identification card.
• JAR-FCL pilots need only bring their ID. Before the examination you should also make an appointment with an eye specialist (Dr. Helmut Grimm, Tel. 06232 24240, is registered with the LBA (German Federal Agency of Aviation) and can be contacted through BMC).
• For the examination please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing (especially for candidates who need an ECG examination).

Applying for a U.S. medical licence

• Pilots applying for a U.S. FAA medical licence should make an appointment with BMC before registering on the FAA website.
• Once registered with the FAA, please email us to re-confirm your appointment (please note:this confirmation e-mail schould reach us no fewer than 3 days before the examination day or your appointment may be cancelled).

For more information or to discuss availability please call 06232 49910-60 or contact us by email: info@biomedical-center.de


More information you can find here: www.fliegerarzt-rhein-neckar.de

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